Monday, 5 January 2009

Credit Crunch Hits Local Pets

As owners count the cost of the day-to-day upkeep and see insurance premiums and vet's bills rise, thousands of families are saying goodbye to their four-legged family members.

Sky News reports that The Dog's Trust, the largest dog welfare charity in the UK, have twice as many pets on their waiting list to be rehomed than this time last year. Staff at national animal welfare charity the Blue Cross are seeing a three fold increase in the numbers of abandoned pets this year, with many owners citing economic problems, job losses and house moves.

"The dogs unfortunately are the first to suffer when financially people can't afford to pay the bills, or feed themselves," one Dogs Trust rehoming centre manager told Sky. "It's very sad that a family member, like a dog is the first victim of the credit crunch, but this is clearly what we're seeing."

Locally, charities such as Cats Protection and Animal Care, which is based on Blea Tarn Road, Lancaster, are always looking for homes for animals. (Joey, pictured right, is just one dog in urgent need of a home). In addition, local vets are seeing more strays brought into them: Longleys and Burch currently has three cats looking for good homes.

• To find out more about Longleys' strays - homes are urgently being sought - call 01524 720002

• If you have FOUND or LOST a dog the phone numbers to report this to are:
Lost and Found 9 am - 5 pm: 01524 582935
Found after 5 pm" 01524 67099
Lost after 5pm: 07931 220094

• If you have FOUND or LOST a cat call Cats Protection on 01524 850112
Please leave a clear message indicating your requirements and a contact telephone number. If you leave a mobile number then please ensure that it remains switched on. A volunteer will call back when available to do so and as soon as is possible.

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