Sunday, 9 August 2009

Storey Seeks Out New Local Talent

Kristin Hersh. Photo: Frances RossAre you an aspiring superstar like Flight of the Conchords, Nine Inch Nails or Bill Bailey? Maybe you’re a mover and shaker like Tony Wilson or Murray Hewitt? Or perhaps you’re developing something completely new and original that you’re just waiting to reveal to the world?

If so, then you’ll be interested to learn that Neil Simpson from Storey Creative Industries Centre in Lancaster has issued a call for creative producers to get in touch with their ideas.

“We’ve got some great spaces just waiting for people to bring them to life," he enthuses. "We want to hear from artists, innovators, visionaries, but most of all, people who want to earn a living with their creativity and share it with others. Just drop in, call or email us!”

So if you are an aspiring or professional musician, DJ, comedian, film-maker, animator, games programmer, fashion designer, playwright, sculptor or dancer …indeed any kind of creative producer… then this is a great opportunity for you. Alternatively, if you think you’ve got a nose for talent and some entrepreneurial flair, then this is the ideal place from which to market and promote your favourite creative projects, build links in the industry or get specialist advice and guidance.

Independent production company, Mushroom Concepts Ltd, which has also helped arranged events at Lancaster Library, is just one of a number of organisations already working with the spaces. “The Storey offers more than just a collection of great performance spaces and a bulging contacts database," says Simon Harrison, who is co-ordinating music, comedy and other events in the auditorium, explaining his reasons for getting involved. "It’s a safe space to work and take risks, and reach out to new audiences. Every day I bump into someone new which always sparks new ideas. It’s very exciting.”

Storey Creative Industries Centre has just reopened its doors following a substantial refurbishment and flies a banner outside that reads ‘leading contemporary culture’.

“It’s a bold claim, but we are making it a reality by collaborating with our rich and varied set of partners and residents," Neil Simpson explains, "by bringing in top names from the international circuit, and by offering a platform for local creative producers to develop.

"We’re waiting to plug people in to networks and expertise to help them find the widely-distributed niche audience that they need in order to sustain themselves through their creative aspirations.”

• Any aspiring producer or promoters, or if you would simply like to know more, should get in touch with the team at The Storey via or by calling 01524 509 000.

Pictured: American singer Kristin Hersh, who appeared at Lancaster Library earlier this year as part of Mushroom Concepts local work. Photo: Frances Ross

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