Friday, 11 December 2009

Changes to Christmas Refuse Collections

Lancaster City Council is suspending collections of green garden waste for the week of 21 - 26 December and will be collecting non-recyclable waste instead.

The change is being made to help cope with the extra non-recyclable waste that households produce at Christmas. Your collection dates may change to fit around the holiday (read on for new dates).

Recyclable waste collections will continue to alternate as normal. Although no additional recycling service will be offered the council will always collect extra recycling put out for collection.

Please ensure that all glass is inside the green boxes with yellow lids. Cardboard should be cut down into pieces no bigger than your recycling box lid and any extra paper, cans, card, textiles and plastic bottles can be put out in separate, clearly-labelled carrier bags.

There are also a number of changes to the days on which your non-recyclable waste will be collected.
Below are the changes throughout the festive period that will affect all households. These are shown on the collection calendar that was sent to you in June.

Usual day - Amended collection day:

Monday 21st December - Saturday 19th December

Tuesday 22nd December - Monday 21st December

Wednesday 23rd December - Tuesday 22nd December

Thursday 24th December - Wednesday 23rd December

Friday 25th December - Thursday 24th December

Then no change until:

Friday 1st January - Saturday 2nd January

If you have any queries regarding your refuse or recycling collections this Christmas please consult your collection calendar, email or call Customer Services on 01524 582491.

Information is available on the council’s website

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