Friday, 4 December 2009

Injunction Served To Try to Save Old Brewery

Mitchells Brewery, LancasterIn a dramatic turn of events yesterday the High Court in London agreed to the request of Save Britian's Heritage to issue an injunction against Lancaster City Council and Mitchells brewery to prevent demolition of the old brewery on Lancaster's Brewery Lane.

As we reported earlier, contractors had already begun clearance work on the site, the dismay of campaigners.

The injunction makes it very clear that any action by any party named in the injunction that contributes towards demolition will be liable for fines and imprisonment.

“This is fantastic news and I am absolutely delighted," commented local Green Party councillor John Whitelegg. "The case against demolishing the Brewery is solid and wide-ranging and the injunction has now been served preventing demolition until further legal arguments can be completed.

"It is also very regrettable indeed that it has taken the intervention of the High Court to produce this result when it should have been glaringly obvious to city council senior officers that this is something we should have done ourselves.”

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