Monday, 21 December 2009

Lancaster Pubs Fail Teenage Sales Test

Three Lancaster pubs and bars face licence interventions after selling alcohol to 15-year-old girls during a test purchase operation.

The teenagers were able to buy alcohol in three of the 17 establishments visited across Lancaster on Friday night. (18th December)

Lancaster pub owners aren't the only landlords in toruble: last Saturday, four out of 11 establishments visited in Morecambe and Carnforth sold alcohol to the test purchasers, who were working in conjunction with police and Trading Standards.

The pubs and bars will now face licence interventions, which means that staff who sold the alcohol will receive fines, while the licensee will have to go through a licensing surgery where they will be given advice on reviewing the way in which they tackle underage drinking.

“Despite high profile campaigns in the local media and participation in Best Bar None schemes, staff in some premises do not appear to be getting the message that they should be asking for identification," commented Inspector Kirstie Banks-Lyon.

“Selling alcohol to children in not only against the law but can also put these children at risk from harm.

“We will look to carry on with our enforcement of the legislation over the coming months and will take robust action against those who pay scant regard to their responsibilities when it comes to refusing sales to under-18s.”


Anonymous said...

How do we find out which pubs thewy are?

John Freeman said...

I doubt the pubs will be identified until court proceedings or council action begins against them.