Monday, 15 February 2010

LERN: New Lancashire Bio-Diversity Agency to Tackle Eco-Disaster

Animal and plant species are becoming extinct 1,000 times faster than the natural rate according to the United Nations. Lancashire is playing its part in the battle to tackle this global environmental crisis.

Lancashire Environment Record Network (LERN), which launches in summer, will collect information about the whereabouts of species from the public as well as specialist recorders. Using this data, scientists and naturalists will be able to study whether the county’s environment is in a critical condition.

This year is the International Year of Biodiversity (the variety of species of plant and animal life within a region). Naturalists are using it to focus on the rate at which species and their habitats are disappearing.

As well as global action to arrest the decline in biodiversity governments are also calling for local action to help their campaign.

LERN Communications Officer, Alan Wright said: “Lancashire is finally catching up with other parts of the country by launching the record network. It will provide information about the health of species in Lancashire and where we need to act to safeguard the county’s biodiversity. It means everyone can get involved in saving the environment, from naturalists to school children. Anyone can help to record this vital information and then it is available for anyone to use. It is also plays a key role in ensuring our environment is not disturbed by development.”

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