Wednesday, 26 May 2010

City Council revamps top staff structure

Lancaster City Council has agreed a new management structure which sees the creation of a new staff post, Deputy Chief Executive, which will be filled by internal appointment.

Heather MacManus, currently Corporate Director (Regeneration), will take on the role from 1st October after the new structure was finalised at a meeting of Personnel Committee last night.

Lancaster City Council says it decided more than a year ago to review its chief officer structure in the knowledge that the national economic situation would lead to a reduction in public service funding and public service provision.

The Council explains that the aim of the review was to put in place a senior management structure that would take the council forward during a difficult period, at the same time reducing expenditure on chief officer posts, to maintain front line services.

A phased approach has been taken which will generate savings in 2010/11 of £479,600 and an annual saving from 2011/12 of £620,000.

• The revised structure will be in place from 01 October 2010 and is as follows:

Head of Services
Regeneration and Policy - Andrew Dobson
Property - Graham Cox
Community Engagement - Richard Tulej
Financial Services (including Revenue Services & S151 Officer duties) - Nadine Muschamp
Governance (including Monitoring Officer duties) - Sarah Taylor
Health & Housing - Suzanne Lodge
Environmental Services - Mark Davies

Deputy Chief Executive - Heather McManus
Chief Executive - Mark Cullinan

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Anonymous said...

Great appointment. Thanks to Heather explaining the Asco deal to market traders back in February a major financial disaster was avoided. This kind of openness is healthy and we hope to see a lot more.