Sunday, 26 September 2010

Dan Haywood's New Hawks, the Ponies and more at the Yorkshire House

new_hawksw.jpgDan Haywood's New Hawks, Padraig Whelan (and band), the Ponies and Mollie Baxter will be appearing at Lancaster's Yorkshire House pub on Saturday 2nd October for a special music night at one of the area's top music venues.

From London, Padraig Whelan is an enigmatic and elusive purveyor of luscious pharmaceutical-grade indie-folk. His accomplished band will accompany him.

Dan Haywood's New Hawks is an unwieldy and brilliant acid-folk-rock act that continues to horrify and enchant. A nine-piece band tonight. Playing some different tunes to their last local set.

Ponies is a beautiful punk-ethick troubador summoning healing and mesmeric powers from his Martin and his soulful songbag.

Renaissance woman Mollie Baxter will fix you with her fearsome wit, laser vocals and speak volumes with hers, the ruddiest guitar in town.

• The event starts at 8.00pm. No library books.
Admission fee just £4 or £3 to be decided by coin toss.

Read an interview with Dan Haywood by Tom Bramhall

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