Monday, 10 January 2011

Bin Men bring Boiler rescue to senior Jean

Steve Peel with Jean Oldham
outside her home
An elderly resident is singing the praises of two Lancaster City Council refuse collectors after being found without heating and lighting at her Yealand Redmayne home.

84-year-old Jean Oldham was struggling with a broken boiler and no lights during the freeze before Christmas when the knights in a shining bin truck came to her rescue.

Driver Alan Kitchen and Loader Steve Peel were on their usual collection round when they were told of her dilemma. Conscious of the cold weather, Alan and Steve soon leapt into action, and, although unsuccessful in tackling the problem themselves, refused to leave Jean out in the cold and arranged an appointment with someone who could.

“They dedicated their time checking the electrical fuses and light bulbs in my house to try and solve the problem," she said.

“When they realised they weren’t able to fix the problem they organised an appointment with Council Housing Services for me, who then swiftly sorted out the lighting and heating.

“I didn’t for one second expect Alan and Steve to help the way they did. Their kindness and helpfulness was second to none. I am really thankful for everything they did for me.”

Despite their additional job, Alan and Steve still managed to complete the day’s round and Jean is now warm and cosy in her will lit bungalow thanks to the good deeds of the two bin men.

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Anonymous said...

That is really sweet, we need more random acts of kindness like this in the world!