Thursday, 13 January 2011

Local Disability Access Guide goes online - and mobile

Lancaster-based disability charity One Voice Disability Services released The Good Access Guide for the Lancaster area last year, compiled by a team dedicated to access for disabled people. Now, they're offering even wider access to the guide through the Internet.

The new guide was launched by the Mayor of Lancaster in October and can be accessed by the traditional way of paper back and CD - but now on it's also available via a dedicated website -

The guide includes information about a variety of the District’s attractions, shops and services which can be viewed by   category, town or service. It is suitable to be used by those with low mobility, a disability or parents with pushchairs.

"We have also got it on mobile phones," says Disability Access Coordinator Wayne Clinton, who heads up a team of volunteers, "so you can access it on the go via

"The guide is updated on a regular basis to allow for new businesses and old one closing.

"We have taken the guide into the 21st  century and tried to bring up to date," he adds. "We also have are Facebook page for where members can contact us regarding a access issue  and we are also on Twitter (

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Matthew disability access auditor said...

What a fantastic idea on so many levels - wish more areas took on an initiative like this! Would love to know what feedback they have received from local service users and providers? Any examples of the benefits people have found from having access to this....have business' been more open to improving their access as a result?

Would love an update.....