Saturday, 26 February 2011

Conservatives "Call In" Lancaster Market Move Decision

Conservative Councillors have initiated a "call-in" of the City Council Cabinet's decision to investigate a proposal to move Lancaster Market to the City Museum building (see news story).

The Conservatives told virtual-lancaster they consider that the current cost of Lancaster indoor market based in the Market Building - estimated at £500k per annum and increasing - is unacceptable, and that action to reduce these costs is required.

But, while welcoming the fact that alternative locations for the Lancaster Market are under consideration, they do not consider that relocating market tenants into the Lancaster City Museum building is an idea worthy of investigation at the present time.

"I have initiated a call-in of Cabinet's decision to undertake further investigations into the conversion of the City Museum to accommodate Lancaster Market," says Councillor Roger Mace. "In this, I have been supported by members of the Labour Group.

"It is anticipated the call-in will be heard at the regular meeting of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee which is scheduled for 9th March."

The Cabinet proposal has already met with opposition from groups such as the Friends of Lancaster City Museum and Lancaster Civic Society.

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