Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Seatbelt crackdown as part of Operation Pathway

Drivers and passengers are being reminded to ‘belt up’ – or risk putting their lives in danger – ahead of a crackdown on the correct use of seatbelts.

Throughout February, police officers across Lancashire will be carrying out roadside checks on motorists to make sure they are wearing seatbelts. 

“It's evident from our observations and injuries suffered in crashes that too many people still don’t wear their seatbelts," says Road Policing Inspector Martin Bishop. “It’s an offence that is viewed as trivial to many.

"However, in that moment when you need it, a seatbelt will make the difference between suffering a minor injury to one that is life-threatening or life changing.

“We hope that people will listen to this message and help us to reduce the seriousness of injuries suffered unnecessarily.”

The fine for not wearing a seatbelt is £60.

The activity comes as part of Operation Pathway, a Force-wide campaign that sees high profile action days on the county’s roads aimed at saving lives and protecting people.

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