Thursday, 28 April 2011

Morecambe Council condemns Heysham Link as "completely inappropriate"

Geoff Marsland says the proposed
M6 Link is "completely inappropriate"
Morecambe Town Council has voiced its opposition to the planned Heysham M6 Link, passing a strongly-worded resolution against the proposed road last week.

The Council supported a strongly-worded resolution againt the road proposed by Morecambe Bay Independent Geoff Marsland, who is also a City Councillor.

The Council's criticism of the project, backed by the County Council, both local MPs and many business interests, came in response to a request for comments on the scheme from the national Infrastructure Planning Commission.

The resolution passed declares the proposed Northern Route of the M6 Link Road as "completely inappropriate" to the needs of the residents of the District.

It also notes that Lancaster City Council agreed in 2007 that although the District required a road that this road was not supported by Lancaster City Council.

"The reasons are clear to the majority of residents," the resolution states. "It will not solve the current traffic problems in the District and will probably exacerbate them. However, leaving aside this important consideration, the environmental impact on the area will be devastating and the Town Council does not believe that the negative short, medium and long term effects can be mitigated successfully. Further we consider that anything which is designed to save costs is unlikely to lessen the environmental damage which a more expensive scheme might cause. The Council will reserve its judgement until it has time to fully explore the implications of such changes, however."

The Council is concerned not just by the route but the disruption and pollution building the road will cause, arguing it is likely to be very disruptive and polluting, creating "a non-stop convoy of lorries bringing materials to the site, noise issues, particularly at night, increased traffic congestion and disruption of local services, dust pollution and light pollution."

Once the project is completed, the Council argues, most of these conditions will continue. "A road on pillars is bound to cause more noise than a road built on solid ground," they noted. "Further, as pillars degrade with age, the noise problem will increase. Road surfacing material must be used that will limit noise levels to a minimum. Street lighting on ths road will be damaging. Tree planting along the full length should be used to limit noise, light and C2O pollution."

The Council also feels that if the road is to be built, it is pointless without accompanying bridges across the Lune since without them "this route could become a rat-run causing possible congestion on the M6."

The resolution - sent to the IPC - is further condemnation of the controversial and badly-conceived project, which will leave, campaigners fear, the County Council and local taxpayers exposed to milions in potentially open-ended over run costs.

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