Tuesday, 26 April 2011

People's Picnic Party Planned for Priory Green

A People's Picnic Party is planned on the Priory Green (by the Headless Woman statue) for egalitarian fun and frolics this Friday afternoon.
While the national media goes into a collective swoon over the celebrity wedding of the decade this week, Lancastrians facing job losses and public service cuts are more prosaic about the costs of the Windsors' state wedding - £20 million of taxpayers' money for security on the day for a start.

However, it's not all treats for the rich and bills for the poor. Under the title 'Axe the Wedding, NOT Public Services', fancy dress on a revolutionary theme is the order of the day, with festivities beginning in Market Square at noon and then parading up to Priory Green for the picnic proper at 1pm. We hear it's a local party, with local music for local people, friends and children, who are invited to bring more instruments, food to share (or hoard;-) and games and a rug to sit on. There will be prizes for the best fancy dress (adult and child categories) and a bit of street theatre knocked up by the locals is also on the menu.

Good quality unwanted items are welcomed for the FreeShop, and local anti-cuts campaigns are invited to set out their stalls.

And we can reveal what the David Cameron dummy will be wearing for this event (after the usual chopping and changing) - Barbeque skewers!

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