Thursday, 26 May 2011

Council Tenants run a fine tooth comb through new housing documents

Tenants of Lancaster City Council have developed a stamp of approval for all housing documents that go out to the public.

All new or updated documents are scrutinised by the new Customer Services and Resident Involvement Quality Group who ensure they are tenant friendly and free of jargon before being published.

The tenants group, which meets at least twice a year, has designed their own “Publication approved by tenants” logo which has already been used to approve the new waiting list application form for Ideal Choice Homes - the new choice based lettings system for rented accommodation in the Lancaster district.

The group are now in the process of reviewing the Tenants Handbook.

All documents that have been checked by the group will carry the logo so that everyone will know that tenants have approved them before they are published.

The City Council is one of the largest providers of affordable rented housing in the district, with responsibility for the management and maintenance of approximately 4,000 homes.

The brief of the new Customer Services and Resident Involvement Quality Group is to review, monitor and make recommendations for improvement to the Tenant Involvement Service and the Customer Care service.

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