Monday, 19 September 2011

Market Traders hit back at council staff claims they would not move

Lancaster Market Traders have hit back at claims in a council report that some of them would not move from its upper floor as part of a process to rein in costs, saying they are untrue.

Last week, councillors again delayed a decision to make major changes to Lancaster Market after a last minute report by council staff stated some traders could not be persuaded to go along with the proposal to move them all to the ground floor of the building (see new story).

The future of the Market was discussed at Full Council last week, and considered recommendations made by the council’s Cabinet in July, which were referred to Full Council because of cost concerns. A last minute report stated that some traders were not willing to move from the first floor to the ground floor - which was one of the key money-saving proposals Council was asked to consider.

Peter Corke, Chairman of Lancaster Market Tenants Association has contacted virtual-lancaster to say this is untrue.

"All the traders on the upper floor wish to move to the ground floor," he told us. "I think some council officers have another agenda that would suit them better if the market were to close.

Mr Corke is also shocked by the estimated cost of moving traders suggested by council staff, which he describes as astounding.

"It would cost nowhere near £271,000 to relocate seven businesses to the ground floor," he states.

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Anonymous said...

It's not the first time the council has been caught out on a lie about the market. Only this time it's gone public, which is nice.