Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Giving Lancaster the Cosmic Finger!

Nick Maudsley and Stef Holden, The Cosmic Fingers. Pic: Andy Theobald.
The Cosmic Fingers, an X-rated acoustic comedy punk duo, kick off a night of punk at The Bobbin on Thursday 8th March, supporting Elmo & The Syx and The Vermin Suicides.

Having supported Peter and the Test Tube Babies at The Yorkshire House this year, the band will take their audience on an uproarious, bitter-sweet trip through their song catalogue that contains themes such as unrequited lust, disappointment, the ageing process, murder, the ignominy of vasectomy, punk rock perversion and loss.

Their world view has gained the band an enthusiastic following within the North West.

“Although my lyrics are mostly For Adults Only I don’t see them as offensive," says Stef Holden, lyricist and vocalist. "They are about real life. You don’t always get the girl, make millions or have the world at your feet.

"The Cosmic Fingers are the polar opposite of the excess and the bragging you see so often in rap and hip hop. We’re anti-bling. Ours is a world of frustration. Even when we do get lucky – as in our song ‘Go Ahead Punk and Make My Day’ – triumph quickly turns to disappointment!”

Nick Maudsley, music and guitar, has previously toured the UK with Born Ugly.

Elmo & the Styx and The Vermin Suicides, who are based on Merseyside.

• The Cosmic Fingers, Elmo & The Styx & The Vermin Suicides: 8.30pm, Thursday 8th March 2012, The Bobbin,  36 Cable Street,  Lancaster, LA1 1HH. Fre

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Jude said...

The band will also be performing songs from their new album, 'There is No F-in Point'.