Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Lancaster Farms prisoners given extra sentences for attack on officer

Two men who held a prison officer at knife point at Lancaster Farms back in February, while trying to steal her cell keys, have been given additional jail sentences.

19-year-olds Josh Corey and Jake Burns attacked the female officer at Lancaster Farms young offenders institute on 2nd February. The woman was put in a headlock and had razor blades held to her throat, with the pair intending to try and steal her keys and bundle her into a cell.

The prison officer was able to free herself from their grasp as other staff came to her assistance.

Appearing before Preston Crown Court on Monday charged with attempted kidnap and attempted robbery, Corey was jailed for a further four years, consecutive to his current sentence and Burns was jailed for a further three years consecutive to his current sentence.

“This was a frightening incident for the prison officer, who was going about her regular patrols when she was attacked," commented Detective Constable David Cheetham of Lancashire Police. "Fortunately she was able to free herself from the pair’s clutches and escaped any significant harm.

“Corey and Burns were already behind bars for crimes they had previously committed and their actions show they felt they could escape their remaining sentences by using violence and intimidation. The additional years that they will now serve show that the courts view their offences very seriously and this should serve as a warning to others who may be tempted to try and carry out similar actions.”

The Governor of Lancaster Farms, Steve Lawrence said: “This was a vicious and unprovoked attack on a female member of staff. We are pleased to see that the courts have reflected this in the sentences awarded. The National Offender Management Services will continue to pursue any acts of violence through the courts. This is in line with our national zero tolerance policy".


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