Friday, 20 July 2012

Lancaster City Council renews backing for Centros development deal

Lancaster City Council has voted to renew and extend its Development Agreement with Centros, the company proposing a major revamp of the city's "Canal Corridor".

The Council voted by 38 votes to 11 to renew the Development Agreement with Centros at Full Council on Wednesday, the motion opposed by Green councillors and some others.

"As wrong as it is on many levels, the decision was sadly unsurprising," said a spokesperson for campaign group It's Our City, which has been calling for a more transparent discussion about the major development.

"It is another example of the bulk of this city's councillors bending over backwards to accommodate a developer that didn't even bother turning up at the last public inquiry to help the council to defend it's last scheme. 

"We anticipate that next week or the week after there will be a double page splash in the Centros-friendly Lancaster Guardian announcing universal support for the scheme.  Now would be the point at which people should write to the Guardian to try to make sure an alternative opinion is heard."

It's Our City will hold an organising meeting in early September to refocus and to consider to how to respond to the council decision.  They will announce the date and venue for this as soon as they have it.

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