Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Councillor warns on "Rat Run" Cycle Path dangers

Green councillor Jon Barry has warned that somebody is going to get killed or seriously injured unless prompt action is taken to stop cars using the Glasson Dock cycle path.

“For some time now there has been occasional use by motor vehicles of the cycle track between St George's Quay and Aldcliffe," he says. "However, the  use has escalated of late because of the closure of St George's Quay.

"I have had reports of cyclists and walkers being forced into the ditch by up to five vehicles."

"In April 2011 I had firm assurances from Lancaster City Council officers that a series of warning notices were to be  placed at either end of this rat-run and new bollards placed at the Quay end," he added. "However, despite me giving officers a number of reminders,  nothing has been done.

"In desperation, I contacted the County Council several months ago and they said that they would sort something out.  However, once again, no action.

"If this problem is not sorted out soon, especially with the number of children using the cycle track  during the summer holidays, somebody will be killed or seriously injured."

"The police have been very helpful and have stopped several cars. However, they need support from our local authorities".

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Unknown said...

yup I was out for a run tonight - around 6.00 ish had to avoid 2 cars driving down the cycle path. glad I wasn't on my bike or would have been no where to go.