Wednesday, 17 October 2012

City Council launches major planning consultation

Lancaster City Council is launching a major consultation on a new draft Local Development Plan for the district.

The Local Plan will allocate land for the district’s future housing and commercial needs, protect land for its environmental, social and economic value and set out a series of planning policies which will manage future proposals for all types of development across the district.  The Local Plan also includes proposals for the regeneration of Central Morecambe via the Morecambe Area Action Plan.

The consultation on the draft Local Plan will start on Monday 22nd October and run for eight weeks through to Friday 14th December. Prior to the start of the consultation exercise, the council will be distributing a leaflet to all households within the district which will provide details of what the main implications of the Local Plan will be and how residents can get involved.

As part of the consultation the council has organised a series of events across the district where anyone interested will be able to speak to council officers about any affects the Local Plan will have on their area.


29th Monday - Heysham Library (2pm - 7pm)
30th Tuesday - Morecambe Library (2pm - 7pm)
31st Wednesday - Bolton-le-Sands Village Hall (2pm – 6.30pm)


2nd Friday - Morecambe Town Hall (10am - 3pm)
3rd Saturday - Lancaster Market Square (10am - 3pm)

6th Tuesday - St Paul's Parish Hall, Scotforth, Lancaster (2pm - 7pm)
7th Wednesday - Morecambe Town Hall (10am - 3pm)
8th Thursday - Silverdale Gaskell Memorial Hall (2pm - 7pm)
9th Friday - Middleton Village Hall (2pm - 7pm)

12th Monday - Carnforth Railway Station (2pm - 7pm)
13th Tuesday - Morecambe Town Hall (10am - 3pm)
14th Wednesday - Lancaster Market Square (10am - 3pm)
16th Friday - University of Cumbria (Alexandra Gallery) (2pm - 7pm)
21st Wednesday – Platform, Morecambe (2pm - 7pm)
22nd Thursday - Lancaster University (Bailrigg Conference Centre) (2pm - 7pm)

26th Monday - Hornby Institute (2pm - 7pm)
27th Tuesday - Morecambe Library (2pm - 7pm)
28th Wednesday - Caton Victoria Institute (2pm - 6.30pm)
30th Friday - Galgate Village Hall (2pm - 7pm)


4th Tuesday - Marsh Community Centre, Lancaster (2pm - 7pm)
6th Thursday – The Centre, Halton, (3.15pm - 6.15pm)

The draft documents which comprise the Lancaster District Local Plan will also be available to view at Lancaster and Morecambe Town Halls and local libraries from the start of the consultation.

• For a full list of consultation dates or for more information on the draft Local Plan visit or contact the council via email:   For information on the Morecambe Area Action Plan email

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