Thursday, 18 October 2012

Skerton Primary School to be demolished

A former primary school building in Lancaster is to be demolished for safety reasons and to prevent vandalism.

Plans have been approved to level the site of Skerton Primary School and nursery, off Mainway, which closed in July 2010.

Skerton Learning Centre, which provides short-stay and alternative education, is separated from the main site by a driveway and fence and will not be affected by the plans.

The site will be reinstated with soil and seeded over, so it can be used by adjacent Skerton High School as a playing area until a permanent new use can be found.

Charles: "Sad to see a building go"
Tory County Councillor Susie Charles, who approved the decision, said: "The buildings have been empty for some time and despite our efforts we have not been able to find a new occupant who is in a position to move into the buildings, either from within the county council or the community.

"Disused buildings deteriorate quickly and are a target for vandals. I understand this is already the case at Skerton Primary where lead has been stripped from the roof, allowing to water getting in and causing ceilings to collapse.

"We have fenced off the buildings and done our best to make them secure, but I fear they would continue to be a target for anti-social behaviour, or – worse – someone might gain entry and be hurt in an accident.

"It is always sad to see a building go, but the decision to demolish the former school will remove these dangers and save us money on security and maintenance in the long run."

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