Saturday, 16 March 2013

Lancaster students warned: guard belongings on nights out

Alfred Efosa
Alfred Efosa

A Blackpool man has been sentenced to nine months imprisonment this week, after stealing from female students in Lancaster when they were on a night out.

At an earlier hearing, Alfred Efosa, 21, had pleaded guilty to one robbery and to five charges of theft, relating to a number of incidents at Toast nightclub on North Road and on Pitt Street, in November 2012.

All six of Efosa’s victims were female students. Five of them had the contents of their handbags and purses taken along with mobile phones. The sixth victim was subjected to a robbery near to the nightclub.

Speaking after the sentencing, DC Hardwick said: “These women were enjoying a night out when this happened and may have been less aware of the risks than they may normally be which unfortunately is often when thieves strike.

"It was due to the vigilance of doorstaff and the prompt action of response officers that Efosa was caught and the majority of the property recovered and returned to the owners.

"I would urge all students, especially while on a night out, to ensure that you remain vigilant and keep your bag, phones and other belongings with you. Being a victim of theft or robbery can be extremely distressing and we want students in Lancaster to enjoy their nights out rather than ending the night with a call in to the Police.

"We are pleased with the sentence given today and female students can feel a little safer knowing that Alfred Efosa is locked up, but unfortunately there are many more people out there like him.

"I would urge everybody to take a look at our website for advice on how to protect yourself.”


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