Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Crook O'Lune bridge birds fly their nests, restoration work resumes

Restoration work on the old rail bridge over the Crook O'Lune has resumed this week, after nesting birds moved on.

Lancashire County Council engineers began work on the East cycleway bridge in April, but it had to be halted earlier this month after engineers found blue tits and jackdaws underneath it.

Now the birds have moved, demolition work resumed yesterday (Monday 24th June).

Kim Whalley, Lancashire County Council's senior bridge engineer, said: "We spoke to an ecologist when we found the birds nesting under the old bridge deck. Following their advice, we decided to call a halt to the work.

"Now that there is no threat to the wildlife, we can carry on with demolishing the bridge.

"This has set us back a few weeks, but we are looking to find ways to recoup some of the lost time to minimise any inconvenience."

The bridge is a listed structure, which links Caton with the River Lune Millennium Park. It was originally closed for safety reasons in March 2011 after an inspection unearthed problems, particularly with the timber beams underneath.

The restoration will see the timber decking replaced, ironwork repainted, and the masonry re-pointed.

A diversion currently redirects people over the Caton Lune Bridge on Low Road, where a temporary walkway allows them to cross alongside the traffic.

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