Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Lancaster NEETs 'Activ8' their employment prospects

A group of nine young people from Lancaster who are not in employment, education or training have successfully completed a course that has helped them to improve their chances of finding a job.

Activ8 is a three-day per week, six-week training program. Organised by Lancashire Adult Learning, the course uses online media resources to enable 19 – 24 yr olds who are not in employment, education or training to develop their skills, abilities, personal development and confidence.

Lancashire Adult Learning worked in partnership with external businesses including the EU funded MyStory, Ripley School, DHE Solutions and SilverSkills to ensure the Activ8 course provided young people with the skills and training! they need.

"I'm delighted that the students successfully completed the course, and have clear routes into employment," says Course Leader Roberta Byram from Lancashire Adult Learning."We wanted to design a course that gave young people the media and online skills that software developers and hi-tech companies need these days."

As part of the course, the students attended a convention in Manchester where they were in discussion with Microsoft, O2 and other blue-chip multinationals, and helped run the event.

"I cannot stress strongly enough how much the young people have benefited from this course. And, the great news is that all of the students have something positive to move on to," said tutor Charlotte Hardacre.

"One of the students has secured work as a photographer with the organisers of the Manchester convention and another has been employed by DHE Solutions (MyStory) to take and edit films for them.

"The Activ8 course will run in Lancaster again in September. The plan is to extend it across the county."

Speaking at the end of the course, some of the students described how they have benefited. Dan Sayers said: "This course has taught me a lot about how to prepare for interviews and also about presenting, which will definitely help me in the future."

Michael Mullen added: "I thought I was confident, however this course has made me more confident and inspired me to take control of my life"

And Thomas Fuery also feels more confident after attending the course: " The various activities have enabled me to increase my confidence in my creativity and speaking, and in doing so has enabled me to refind my path"

• For further information please contact Lancashire Adult Learning on 0845 600 1331 or email

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