Monday, 23 September 2013

Lancaster Police partners with local mosque for community football event

Lancaster Police and the city’s Blade Street Mosque have come together to organise a community football match tomorrow evening.

A team of police officers and staff and players from local team Moghuls F.C. representing the mosque will play a seven-a-side game against each other at the University of Cumbria’s Lancaster campus on Tuesday 24 September at 7.00pm.
Sergeant John Bond of Lancaster Police’s Community Cohesion Unit said: “A vital part of the job is engaging with the local community during our daily foot patrols and at events like this as well. It’s one of the best parts of the job, and this event should be particularly enjoyable.

“It is particularly important we make sure we are engaging with and building relationships with all the different communities in the area. People of all different races and religions love football, and so, it’s a great bit of common ground for us to use to build relationships with people.

“Also, playing sport with the public helps us to show we are more than just a person in a uniform and break down the barriers some people can have towards the police. For that reason, we would always welcome any community group who would like to play us at any sport."

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