Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Councillors quit, by elections announced

Josh Banccroft
 Two vacancies have arisen on Lancaster City Council following the resignation of two Labour Party ward councillors.

Councillors Paul Aitchison (University Ward) and Josh Bancroft (Scotforth West) have resigned as members of the council. Both were elected to the city council in the 2011 district elections.

Paul Aitchison
It is expected that the vacancies will be filled in by-elections to be held on 22nd May 2014, which is also the day of the European elections.

• Anyone who is interested in standing for the vacancies should telephone the elections office on 01524 582905.

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Michael Gibson said...

In my view this is a real tragedy for Lancaster and shows how poor the local democratic system is.

These are two excellent councillors. Josh has worked tirelessly in his ward, been a school governor and done much for his local community. Paul has been a superb councillor for the University seat and not frightened to ruffle a few feathers.

Yet we're losing them for all the wrong reasons. Firstly it doesn't pay a wage. Young people can't survive on a councillor's allowance yet we desperately need their input.

Secondly lots of council business is conducted during the day, which reduces their employment opportunities.

Next the Labour Group doesn't recognise how important it is to have the views of the young represented at Cabinet. It is dominated by people in retirement and that doesn't reflect the vibrant city we need to be.

They may be elected but given how the system work they have no influence in a system dominated by the leader who kowtows to officers.

Lastly how wrong is it that, to my knowledge, every councillor under 30 elected in 2011 - seven in total (?) won't be standing again or has resigned.


I wish both of them every success in the future as both of them really deserve it. They put their lives on hold to serve the people of Lancaster and hopefully they'll continue to offer their skills in public service again.