Thursday, 3 April 2014

Ryelands Park: getting creative over active fun

Ideas for making the walks at Ryelands Park more active and fun will be the topic explored at a free Public Workshop and buffet at Lune Park Children's Centre at Ryelands Park next Monday (7th April) from 5 - 8.00pm. 

You are invited to join in a fun and creative workshop with designers from Lancaster University and other local residents. 

You will have the opportunity to share your experiences of using the park and help come up with ideas to create plans or models of these ideas using creative tools.

There will be coffee/tea, biscuits and buffet food available. 

• Places are limited so to make sure you can participate please register for free here

• To find out more about Active Parks visit: 

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Tufty Squirrel said...

I do hope this won't be yet another attempt to persuade us that re-designing all the pathways - which took years to get put in in the first place - is a really good idea. We don't need any more of it covering in concrete, thank you. The best thing the Council could do for Ryelands Park is leave it alone in terms of layout and just let us enjoy it, providing they do a bit more tree husbandry now and again.