Monday, 19 May 2014

Don't forget to vote

Lancaster City Council is reminding people to go out and vote in this week’s European elections. 
The city council is administering the poll for the European elections in the Lancaster district.

There will also be by-elections in the University and Scotforth West wards following the resignation of two city councillors and a by-election for Morecambe Town Council in the Westgate ward.
Poll cards detailing where people can cast their vote have been posted to everyone on the electoral register. Voters are advised to double check the location of their polling station as there have been a couple of changes to locations.

If you normally vote at the Skerton Learning Centre you will be voting at the Elim Pentecostal Church on Owen Road (known as ‘Father’s House’ Church). If you normally vote at Ellel St John’s Primary School, you will now vote at Ellel Village Hall.

If you haven’t got a poll card, don’t worry – you can still vote in the election provided your name is on the electoral register. At the polling station, the poll clerk or presiding officer should ask you for your name and address. Once this is confirmed they will issue you with a ballot paper.

• You can also check the location of your polling station online. Visit and type in your postcode

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