Friday, 23 May 2014

Local Council By Election Results May 2014

Two by-elections for vacant seats on Lancaster City Council took place yesterday (Thursday May 22).
Green Party Candidates Abi Mills (Scotforth West) and Jack Filmore (University) both took seats previously held by Labour.

Lancaster City Council's seats are now held as follows:  22 Labour, 15 Conservative, 10 Independent Group, 10 Green, 2 Free Independent, 1 Non-Aligned Independent.

Morecambe Town Council acquired a new UKIP member with Steven Thomas Ogden, who also took a seat previously held by Labour - by just a single vote.
Abi Mills
Green Party


Lancaster City Council - Scotforth West

Phil Dunster (Liberal Democrats) 80
Colin Hartley (Labour Party) 802
Steve Metcalfe (Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts) 49
Abi Mills (Green Party) 823 ELECTED
Janet Walton (Conservative Party) 517

Jack Filmore
Green Party

Lancaster City Council - University

Daniel Aldred (Conservative Party) 128
Jack Filmore (Green Party) 273 ELECTED
Stuart Langhorn (Independent) 24
James Joseph Leyshon (Labour Party) 237
Oliver Mountjoy (Liberal Democrats) 33
Steven Thomas Ogden

Morecambe Town Council - 

Alan Biddulph (Labour Party) 497
Terry Ingle (Morecambe Bay Independents) 308
Steven Thomas Ogden (UK Independence Party) 498

Results for the European Parliamentary Elections are expected on Sunday 25 May.

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