Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Museum of Water - open for your donations

Choose some water that is precious to you. 
Find a bottle to put it in. 
Tell us why you chose this water. 
We will keep it for you.

Curated by Amy Sharrocks, Museum of Water is a collection of publicly donated water and accompanying stories, an encouragement to consider the many ways we access and enjoy water: Do you swim in pools? Do you splash in puddles? Do you drink from a tap?

Accumulating over two years in different sites worldwide, Museum of Water is an invitation to ponder this precious liquid and how we use it. At each site, the public are invited to make donations to the museum as well as see, touch and uncover the existing collection, which is delicately displayed in a series of lit cabinets. In celebration of our ready access to fresh water in the UK, running alongside the museum is Water Bar, a free pop-up bar serving only tap water.

Which water would you choose to keep for posterity? Amy will be accepting your bottled donations for the Lancashire edition of her Museum featuring water given to her by members of the public.

Donations of water to the Museum can be made at the Peter Scott Gallery, Lancaster University anytime* between 11am and 5pm on 8 & 9 May and anytime between midday and 4pm on Saturday 10 May.
Meet Amy Sharrocks in person on Saturday 10 May (Midday - 4pm) as part of Live at LICA's Art & Community Day
* Please note Amy herself  will only be present on Saturday 10 May.

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