Monday, 19 May 2014

New website makes it even easier to share car journeys

A revamp to the website for Lancashire's car-sharing service has made it easier than ever to find someone to share your journey, petrol and parking costs. currently boasts almost 4,500 members with regular users typically saving around £1,000 a year. The improved website has a sleek new design and new functions which make it even easier to search for people making similar journeys.

The free service allows members to make contact by email without disclosing their personal details, and there is no obligation to share. Members can choose to share every day, occasionally or even one-off journeys such as to a concert, festival or other special event. The site is suitable for people who! are looking for a lift, offering one, or who would like to take it in turns driving.

Janet Hoyle found a sharer for her daily journey from Preston to Lancaster through and has never looked back. She said: "I had a few emails from people but the timing wasn't correct, however I then got an email from Kevin.

"He lives the other end of Preston from me but works just down the road. His hours fit in with mine and we arranged to try car sharing and see how we got on. I drive my car to Kevin's and we take turns in driving. It works out really well and I've almost halved my petrol costs." is for anyone that lives or works in Lancashire and is a partnership between Lancashire County Council, Blackpool Council and Blackburn-with-Darwen Council.

• Visit to join or for more information.

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