Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Seaside Awards for Morecambe's beaches

Lancaster City Council has again scooped a top award that places two of Morecambe’s beaches among the best in the UK.

Seaside Awards recognise and award beaches in England that achieve the highest standards of beach management.

Keep Britain Tidy has announced that Morecambe's North and South beaches are two of 13 North West beaches to have received an award for offering visitors great facilities alongside a litter free and safe environment.

Councillor Ron Sands
“Lancaster City Council recognises the increasing importance of our coastline in attracting visitors to the town," commnted Councillor Ron Sands, cabinet member with responsibility for leisure, culture and tourism,  "and we are delighted to have received a Seaside Award for both Morecambe's North and South beaches.

"The standards of these beaches are testament to all those who work hard throughout the year to ensure they can be enjoyed by residents, visitors and holiday-makers alike.”

The LOVEmyBEACH campaign is a great way for anyone who lives, works or visits Morecambe to make a difference and help improve our two designated Bathing Waters. Please visit to find out more.

If you run a business and would like to pledge your support, please contact Emma McColm, LOVEmyBEACH Co-ordinator for your free checklist

These simple steps can help LOVEmyBEACH:

  • Only flush the 3Ps down the toilet – poo, pee and paper. Everything else goes in the bin! 
  • Don’t pour cooking fat down the sink – it can cause blockages 
  • Check your drains are connected right at 
  • Pick up after your dog and put it in the bin 
  • Don’t feed birds at the beach and keep outdoor areas free of food waste 
  • Put litter in the bin

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