Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Grow Your Own at Dorrington Road!

Photo: Dorrington Road Allotments Association

The waiting list at Dorrington Road allotments - situated in Scotforth - is open if anyone would like to join it for a chance of growing their own.

The last year has seen a number of new plot-holders join the Association which has managed to successfully develop a large number of under-used plots and has also seen a welcome increase in general cultivation and use of the site. 

The focus for the Association planned by the committee over the next year, having improved the site (including its security), remain building for a long term and stable future to meet the conditions of their Council Lease and Service Level Agreement and most importantly, to secure the site for future years. 

• The Dorrington Road Allotments are located in Scotforth area of Lancaster, the entrance being at the south end of Dorrington Road (as viewed on this Streetmap). For more informaton visit the Assocation's web site - http://dorringtonroadallotments.btck.co.uk - or  on follow them on Facebook.

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