Saturday, 9 May 2015

Labour set to retain control of Lancaster City Council

Lancaster City Council remains under No Overall Control after the ballot on Thursday.

The results of the local elections were perhaps a little overshadowed by the General Election, which saw Labour's Cat Smith take Lancaster and Fleetwood.

The Tories retained Morecambe and Lunesdale with an increased majority for incumbent David Morris.

Labour won 29 seats, the Conservatives 19, the Green Party nine. Two Morecambe Bay Independents and one Free Independent were also elected, which suggests Labour will again run a minority administration or enter a coalition.

Despite seeing an increase in their vote the Greens failed to secure new council seats in Skerton East, where the party campaigned hard for a breakthrough after a good showing in previous local elections.

UKIP candidates achieved strong votes where they stood, but not enough to gain a seat, at the expense in particular of the Morecambe Bay Independents.

As in the national elections, for the most part the Liberal Democrat vote seems much reduced in the area.

The results are as follows:


Tony Anderson Morecambe Bay Independents 932
ELECTED: June Ashworth Morecambe Bay Independents 1,098
Shirley Burns Morecambe Bay Independents 1,021
ELECTED: Brett Cooper Conservative 1,288
ELECTED: Charles Edwards Conservative 1,169
Michael Gradwell Liberal Democrats 372
Dilys Greenhalgh Labour 794
Richard Martin Labour 782
Richard Moriarty Green 384
Mark Nelson UKIP 603
Julia Norman Green 298
Valerie Rogerson Labour 734

Bolton and Slyne

Harry Armistead Liberal Democrats 419
Thomas Birnie Green 471
William Birnie Green 473
John Bouskill Labour 820
Keith Budden Independent 1,328
Sharron Hood Labour 652
Susan Lomax (no party listed) 391
Molly Roberts Labour 583
ELECTED: Sylvia Rogerson Conservative 2,019 ELECTED
ELECTED: James Thomas Conservative 1,806 
ELECTED: John Wild Conservative 1,795 


Matthew Atkins UKIP 364
William Brooks Conservative 375
Howard Dodgson Conservative 423
ELECTED: Tim Hamilton-Cox Green 1,426
ELECTED: Caroline Jackson Green 1,419 
Cathy Jamieson Labour 1,236
ELECTED: Andrew Kay Green 1,272
Peter Rivet Labour 994
Nickey Russell Conservative 344
Miles Taylor Labour 1,075

Carnforth and Millhead

Kevin Frea Green 495
Paul Gardner Labour 1,027
ELECTED: Mel Guilding Conservative 1,238
Fran Hanna Labour 921
ELECTED: Christopher Leadbetter Conservative 1,184
Bob Roe Labour 981
ELECTED: Peter Yates Conservative 1,405


ELECTED: Dave Brookes Green 1,229
Chris Brown Conservative 403
Ryan Cushley-Spendiff Conservative 336
Anthony Mark Cutter Independent 249
Eugene Doherty Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 89
Michael Mumford Liberal Democrats 142
Tom Sweeney Labour 682
ELECTED: Nick Wilkinson Green 959 
Peter Wilson Labour 631


Nicholas Beddoe Green 422
ELECTED: Susie Charles Conservative 1,305
ELECTED: Helen Helme Conservative 1,433
David Hill Labour 579
Andrew Lee Green 311
Ben Whittingham Labour 564


Bob Bauld Green 423
Catarina Finnerty Labour 142
Daniel Gibbins Conservative 364
ELECTED: Paul Woodruff 577


ELECTED: Darren Clifford Labour 1,130
Joanne Corless Green 359
Jason Firth Morecambe Bay Independents 439
ELECTED: Janice Hanson Labour 1,263 
Pat Hibbins Conservative 722
Terry Ingle Morecambe Bay Independents 394
Steven Ogden UKIP 840
ELECTED: David Whitaker Labour 1,063 

Heysham Central

ELECTED: Carla Brayshaw Labour 761
David Brayshaw Labour 760
ELECTED: Geoff Knight Morecambe Bay Independents 779
Elliot Layfield Conservative 724
Cary Matthews Morecambe Bay Independent 662

Heysham North

James Fletcher Morecambe Bay Independents 262
ELECTED: Margaret Pattison Labour 795 
Dave Porter UKIP 470
ELECTED: Ronald Sands Labour 705
Hayley Schofield Morecambe Bay Independents 245
Adam Towers Conservative 491
Ulrike Zeshan Green 162

Heysham South

ELECTED: Stuart Bateson Conservative 1,390
ELECTED: Alan Biddulph Labour 952
Ian Clift Labour 729
Mike Greenall Morecambe Bay Independents 740
ELECTED: Colin Hartley Labour 871
Mark Knight UKIP 673
Richard Rollins Conservative 854

John O’Gaunt

ELECTED: Mary Blamire Labour 1,605
Ali Dodgson Conservative 960
Phil Dunster Liberal Democrats 397
Heather Hilton Green 842
Mick Jackson Conservative 800
ELECTED: Richard Newman-Thompson Labour 1,300
ELECTED: Elizabeth Scott Labour 1,466 
Chris Watkins Green 950
Rebecca Whittle Green 706
Luke Worrall Conservative 792


ELECTED: John Mace Conservative 982 
Jean Taylor Labour 216
Mark Westcombe Green 139

Lower Lune Valley

Ryan Bartle Labour 391
Marco Ciciriello Liberal Democrats 221
Tamsin Hartley Labour 517
ELECTED: Joan Jackson Conservative 1,375
Jan Maskell Green 247
ELECTED: Jane Parkinson Conservative 1,270 
Joyce Pritchard Liberal Democrats 718
Mike Wright Green 300


ELECTED: Jon Barry Green 1,323
Andrew Gierke Labour 630
Michael Loat 254
ELECTED: Rebecca Novell Green 941
Valerie Pearson Labour 599
Gus Rankin Conservative 334
Holly Sheppard Conservative 313
Mark Warburton Liberal Democrats 112


ELECTED: Andrew Gardiner Conservative 488
Matt Hood Labour 265
Keith Sowden Independent 329
Pamela White Green 58


Graham Agnew Conservative 398
Vicky Boyd-Power Morecambe Bay Independents 285
Godfrey Danson UKIP 426
Tricia Heath Morecambe Bay Independents 431
ELECTED: Brendan Hughes Labour 656 
Clare Long-Summers Green 189
ELECTED: Terrie Metcalfe Labour 594
Becky Stevens Green 150

Scotforth East

Daniel Aldred Conservative 820
Kyran Darnton Liberal Democrats 248
Frank Ledwith Green 326
ELECTED: James Leyshon Labour 835 
Robin Long Liberal Democrats 355
Gisela Renolds Green 289
ELECTED: Patricia Whitehead Labour 937 
Helen Wilson Conservative 670

Scotforth West

ELECTED: Sheila Denwood Labour 1,639
ELECTED: Ronnie Kershaw Labour 1,127
Rebecca Long Liberal Democrats 341
Steve Metcalfe Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 117
ELECTED: Abi Mills Green 1,579 
Chris Norman Green 1,091
Val Outram Conservative 912
Paul Stubbins Green 1,081
Janet Walton Conservative 794
Kevan Walton Conservative 776
John Whitehead Labour 993


Rex Ambler Green 142
Sarah Fishwick:no party listed 358
ELECTED: Nigel Goodrich Conservative 400 
June Greenwell Liberal Democrats 327
Brenda Rockall Labour 109

Skerton East

ELECTED: Abbott Bryning Labour 1,214 
David Fleet Green 550
Jennifer George Conservative 848
ELECTED: Janet Hall Labour 1,202
Jean O’Neill Green 514
ELECTED: Robert Redfern Labour 1,237 
Stephen Riley Green 455
Steven Swarbrick: no party listed 232

Skerton West

ELECTED: Rob Devey Labour 1,331
John Harrison Independent 295
Harry Kaloudis Green 360
ELECTED: Karen Leytham Labour 1,481 
Geoff Marsden Conservative 1,037
Michael Riley Green 380
Niall Semple UKIP 816
ELECTED: Roger Sherlock Labour 1,241 


Thomas Barney Liberal Democrats 192
Daren Chandisingh Green 176
Roger Dennison Morecambe Bay Independents 610
Robert Gillespie UKIP 504
Geoff Marsland Morecambe Bay Independents 554
John Reynolds Labour 585
ELECTED: Andrew Warriner Labour 666 
ELECTED: Philippa Williamson Conservative 901 

University and Scotforth Rural

ELECTED: Sam Armstrong Green 555
Dan Astley Conservative 405
ELECTED: Lucy Atkinson Labour 605 
Lee Dickson Conswestgateervative 391
Ice Dong Conservative 339
Jack Filmore Green 417
Jo Gadsden Green 440
Pippa Hepworth Liberal Democrats 143
Jamie Lawson Liberal Democrats 79
ELECTED: Matt Mann Labour 500 
Oliver Mountjoy Liberal Democrats 66
Clare Robinson Labour 480

Upper Lune Valley

Jack Hoad Labour 221
Catriona Stamp Green 187
ELECTED: Peter Williamson Conservative 1,103 


Janette Gardner Labour 266
Stuart Langhorn Independent 248
ELECTED: Susan Sykes Conservative 529 
Sue Tyldesley Green 178


ELECTED: Tracy Brown Labour 1,279 
ELECTED: Claire Cozler Labour 1,115 
Michelle Ogden UKIP 970
ELECTED: David Smith Labour 1,261 
Barry Vickers Morecambe Bay Independents 696
Joseph Wilson Conservative 985

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