Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Broken Dancefloors releases EP from Morecambe's H>O>D – aka House Of Daggers

Manchester-based record label Broken Dancefloors, "the sound of the northern DIY hyper insomniac underground" is back with its second release - from a Morecambe-based artist.

The new 4 track 7" EP (and a whopping 11 track download) is the work of Morecambe Tech-IDM-electro artist H>O>D – aka House Of Daggers – "a big ol' bear who makes Plaid-esque dancefloor killers that continually shift and evolve but never lose their pace."

Offering an album's worth of belting dancefloor electronica, from the robotic grind of "Glitchen Void" & "Brand New Plastic Bag" to the straight up leftfield AFX tech-electro of "KYBX" it's a sweaty ride from beginning to end. One minute sounding like Plaid doing insane techno before rupturing into live percussion breakbeat and back into full-on warehouse tech; the next, sounding like something of a Chris & Cosey analogue LP - fully robotik and tweaked 'n' twisted for your listening pleasure!

All four tracks on this EP are different but made for a warehouse rave somewhere in deepest Ancoats - and it's already getting air time on podcasts such as Matt Handley's You, the Night and the Music.

This four-rack 33rpm 7", limited to just 200 numbered copies in this format, is available in a custom thick card numbered sleeve, artist portrait and 1980s rave propaganda insert plus download code.

• Vintage Vinyl on Albert Road, Morecambe has some in stock along with other local artists limited edition single releases including Total Bloody Chaos' " Embarrassed to be Human" and a Three Dimensional Tanx 7" release.

Check out more information and buy the new record here

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