Saturday, 18 June 2016

Local Residents Warned on Security after spate of Lancaster Burglaries

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Lock up to lock thieves out! Lancaster's CID are reminding Lancaster residents to keep their most treasured possessions safe by ensuring their property is secure.

Since Friday 20th May, there have been five burglaries in the area which have occurred on Golgotha Road, West Road, Gladstone Terrace and Westham Street in Lancaster and Harcourt Road, Skerton, after thieves have managed to gain entry to addresses through open doors and windows.

Items stolen have totalled hundreds of pounds and include laptops, Macbooks, a PS4 games console, a designer watch, sunglasses, televisions, an iPad and cash.

DS 1472 Simon Balderstone from Lancaster CID said: “Opportunist thieves look out for an easy way in to steal whatever valuables they can find and so we usually see an increase in these types of incidents as the weather warms up with people leaving their windows and doors open.

“This is an open invite to a burglar and so I would say do not make it easy for them to get in and take your possessions, make sure that your windows and doors remain locked and secure.

“To avoid becoming a victim of this type of crime, please follow our advice and if you know anything about the burglaries mentioned, please contact us on 101.”

Residents are being asked to:

  • Keep front and back doors locked and windows closed at all times
  • If windows are open keep them on the latch so that they cannot be opened further from outside
  • Fit a door chain and use it whenever you answer the door to an unexpected caller
  • Keep side gates locked
  • Use a strong lock on sheds, garages and other outbuildings
  • Consider fitting outdoor security lighting
  • Keep an eye on neighbouring properties and if you see anything suspicious contact police

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