Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Lancaster Canal Restoration work steams ahead

Work on Lancaster Canal's disused Northern Reaches, back in September

(Updated 2nd February 2017): Volunteers for Friends of Lancaster Canal continued work on the disused section of its Northern Reaches over the weekend, which began back in September.

Despite the foggy weather, volunteers from all corners of the North West turned up to continue clearing the canal bed of self seeded and invasive species on the disused sections.

Said co-ordinator Colin Ogden: “It is pleasant to see volunteers from such varied and different groups working together under one banner."
Larkrigg Hall Bridge, near Kendal
"Lancaster Canal Trust have staked their claim to restoring Horse Park Bridge, and we welcome this. Meanwhile, we maintain all energies and money should start at Tewitfield, but listed buildings are part of our heritage and need saving.”

Colin is investigating further listed buildings and bridges on the Lancaster Canal, after the successful restoration of bridge 180.

Close co-operation of land owners and organisations is always a priority when work like this is done,  and extensive nature studies have been conducted.

UPDATE, 2nd February 2017: Two lots of work have taken place on the Northern Reaches of Lancaster Canal since September 2016, one organised by Colin Ogden. There would appear to be an issue as regards the quality of some work undertaken from other volunteers who have contacted virtual-lancaster.

There also seems to be an issue as regards who was actually involved in the December work party; and, further, some considerable disgruntlement between different volunteer groups working on the canal's restoration. While comments are of course, welcome, we do have to consider potential defamation issues, which is why this blog moderates its comments, no matter the accuracy of claims made.

It is our understanding that contrary to an earlier version of this item, Mr Ogden is not the work party coordinator for Lancaster Canal Trust and we did not intend to imply this. As of December 2016, this post was currently vacant.

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